Welcome and first post!

Welcome to LegalLifestyle, a blog on life and the law by lawyer/attorney, Malcolm McBratney.

All the “how to start a blog” sites put it quite simply, register a blog and start typing, so here goes…

As a technology lawyer of some 20 years plus standing, I thought it was about time I hopped on the blog bandwagon. A little late I know. I’m certainly not on the bleeding edge here, let alone even a late adopter. My idea behind this blog is after 20 plus years in legal practice, predominately in technology law and at a time of great change in the legal and professional services industry, there is a space for some commentary on the legal industry along with broader legal and lifestyle issues.

I will be blogging here on a regular basis on issues that affect the legal industry and also business generally, but also I’ll take the opportunity of this platform to blog on life and lifestyle issues too. Time will tell if that is of interest to readers and hopefully followers!

So welcome to LegalLifestyle. In an attempt to get more than one post on my blog I’ll finish this first post here and start some real content in a new one. Welcome! Best, Malcolm


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